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Scale Down The Cost. Scale Up The Possibilities.

ScaleCloud® Innovate IT Ltd Launch 1U Private Cloud Appliance.

INNOVATE IT LIMITED today announces a transformational approach to reducing the cost of cloud application development, with the launch of ScaleCloud®. ScaleCloud® is a condensed private cloud platform in a standard 1U server form with an easy to use web browser interface. A turn-key commercial off-the-shelf solution, requires no programming skills to configure. It can run 480 Linux servers or 100 Windows® servers or a combination of both, but if more capacity is required additional ScaleCloud® appliances can be added to grow the cloud resource. It allows multiple development teams to work concurrently, whist recording metrics of resource usage, for cross-charging, or auditing purposes. A hyperconverged complete private cloud appliance, built on enterprise-class hardware and leading open source software, ScaleCloud® lowers the cost of development operations, enabling businesses to move their software development to the cloud and enables tech start-up companies to enter the industry.

An Enabler – Low Cost, Agile

By lowering the cost of owning, operating and hosting a private cloud, ScaleCloud makes cloud services available to established businesses and start-ups alike. ScaleCloud gives the client flexibility over their cloud, and software developers a platform to carry out progressive iterations freely, without impacting operational costs. All of the OpenStack APIs are enabled, just like a larger enterprise solution, including EC2.

High Density, Rapid Deployment

ScaleCloud is an enterprise quality, hyperconverged cloud development platform packed into a standard 1U server form, with the compute, network, storage and elastic capability expected of a cloud solution. The bespoke web-based interface removes the complexity usually associated with configuring cloud solutions, reducing the time taken to set-up and configure the cloud hardware to less than 30 minutes. Initiating a server instance is rapid using the imaging feature. Testing has shown standing up 400 Linux servers or 100 Windows® 2012 servers takes under 20 minutes.


Owning on-premise cloud hardware provides customers with the greatest level of security, with no need to expose data traversing public networks. The ScaleCloud management console is HTTPS enabled for safe and secure remote access. Where an organisation requires an additional level of security, disk encryption is available as an option.


The multi-tenancy feature allows different development projects to have defined resource quotas allocated by a single point administrator. The administrator can define resource by number of servers and type, or simply make a set amount of resource available to the developer, or team. This feature also enables auditing and re-allocation of resource as necessary.


ScaleCloud could be the only private cloud solution customers will ever need,  capable of both horizontal and vertical scaling. Scaling out is simple; using the configuration portal the new ScaleCloud nodes are instantly recognised and the additional compute, network and storage resource is made available to the existing cloud.

We invite you to send us a copy of your off-premise cloud bill so we can discuss how much money your business could save by transferring development and test environments to on-premises ScaleCloud appliances.


The combination of small server form and no subscription makes ScaleCloud the most competitively priced cloud product on the market and ideal for development operations, where businesses will realize cost savings and increased productivity. ScaleCloud launches today in the UK.

For further information or to arrange an interview, contact:

Paul Rawlinson
Managing Director, Innovate IT Ltd

T: +44 (0)1233 800 102

E: [email protected]

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Paul Rawlinson
Managing Director @ Innovate IT Ltd
Paul is founder and Managing Director of Innovate IT, his reputation for being knowledgeable and personable is reflected in our company ethos.  As a solution architect with experience in small to enterprise corporations he is always keen to understand the clients needs and business aspirations as a basis for designing any solution.