Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I join more than 1 ScaleCloud together?

Yes. Join new ScaleCloud appliances to the primary node for a larger capacity.  ScaleCloud will use of the resource as though it were one logical cloud.  The appliances don’t even have to be located next to one another.

Can ScaleCloud appliances join together from different locations?

Yes.  Simply provide the IP address when joining the cloud to the primary node.

How many instances can I fit on one ScaleCloud?

Our tests have shown that 400 Linux instances will fit on one ScaleCloud.  However, we recommend talking to us about the capacity you need before ordering.

How big is the ScaleCloud appliance?

ScaleCloud Prime is the size of a standard 1U full-size rack server chassis.  It fits in a 19 inch wide server rack.

Is ScaleCloud a private or public cloud?

Both, either or hybrid. ScaleCloud is a versatile cloud appliance.  It can be solutioned as an on-premise private cloud that only your employees can access, or open secure ports to the internet and sell cloud services.  We have solutions for however you want to use your cloud.

Can I sell hosting on a my ScaleCloud appliance?

Yes.  Simply add an OpenStack compatible customer management software layer and start selling your own cloud services. We can help set up your new services.

Can ScaleCloud appliances connect to external storage?

Yes.  We currently support NFS out-of-the-box, however bespoke configuration is possible.

What version of Openstack is ScaleCloud built on?

The latest ScaleCloud Prime appliances use OpenStack Mitaka.

How secure is it?

Very.  As an on-premise private cloud, you can’t get more secure. There are options for encrypted hard drives and you can upload your own SSL certificate as a standard feature using our built-in Admin Tools interface.

Do I need to build my own cloud?

No.  Once you have physically installed your ScaleCloud appliance, Stack Launcher™ requires just a few simple details and it will go away and build your cloud services for you. After that, the ScaleCloud Dashboard is easy to navigate, set up your virtual networks, set up your own instances and set policies etc.

Can I buy Stack Launcher™ on its own?

No.  Stack Launcher is the software for building your cloud services and is exclusive to ScaleCloud appliances. It is your cloud architect, cloud engineer and cloud administrator all in one.

What are the licensing costs?

There aren’t any!  We have utilised open source software wherever possible to avoid the typical licensing / subscription cost model.  Meaning there are no costly ongoing subscription costs.

What about the support costs?

Each ScaleCloud Prime comes bundled with 3 years of hardware and base software support.

How is ScaleCloud cheaper than public cloud?

A combination of us taming open source software for easy use and condensing the hardware into bite-sized (1U) pieces enables us to keep costs low and pass that on to you.

How long does it take to build the cloud?

Less than 20 minutes.  Although this is dependent on your internet speed.  It could be faster, or slower, but it is still minutes, not months.

How long does it take to launch a cloud server instance?

Seconds. ScaleCloud is FAST thanks to SSD Caching.

I'm an MSP, how can ScaleCloud save me money?

If you want OpenStack, so you can save on server virtualisation subscription costs, but don’t have the time, skill or physical resource to build it, then ScaleCloud is a no-brainer.  You will probably be interested to know about our ScaleCloud High Availability Controllers too. They also feature Stack Launcher™.

I've seen hyperconverged virtual servers before, Is ScaleCloud the same?

No, not really.  Typical hyper converged solutions provide just hardware and server virtualisation whereas ScaleCloud appliances provides cloud services too. So it’s hardware, server virtualisation AND cloud services with OpenStack APIs for interfacing seamlessly with other products.

Do you provide training?

We offer a half-day consultancy for installing and training you how to use ScaleCloud to your best advantage.

Do you have an Enterprise version?

Yes, soon.  The 3x 1U Enterprise version features replication, high availability and other great features.  Call for information.

Do I need cloud?

This isn’t a decision you need to make alone, call us to discuss your requirements.  We have 20 years experience of creating solutions for large and small companies, nationally and globally.  A quick chat will cost you nothing.

What is converged infrastructure?

Converged infrastructure is a term used when multiple components of IT equipment are brought together and managed as one. Storage, compute and networking hardware and services are physically consolidated.  The components are orchestrated by the software, which is tasked with finding the optimum way of supplying the resource required by the user.  This simplifies the user experience and brings consistency to larger complex hardware banks, such as data centres.

What is hyperconverged infrastructure?

Hyperconverged infrastructure is when converged infrastructure is supplied in a reduced physical format, such as 1-3Us of hardware rack space and therefore is supported by a single vendor.  The advantages of hyperconvergance are; reduced cost, smaller physical footprint and 100% compatibility of components.

Can we 'try before we buy'?

Absolutely. We have a test system you can use. Call us to arrange access.

Do you have a Partner Program?

2017 will see the start of our Partner program.  To find out about the benefits of partnering with us to strengthen your portfolio, call.