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DevOps teams know development environments are typically not given the same level of priority as Test and Staging, or Pre-Production environments. Developers are asked to host development virtual machines on their already resource constrained personal computers or a dedicated development environment is hosted in a resource pool on the production environment. Of course, if the production environment requires these resources during times of heavy load such as month end processing the development environment may be off-loaded. None of these solutions are very suitable for DevOps teams and they are far from ideal.

Your company may address this by purchasing a dedicated private cloud solution but in our experience this is not very likely. The traditional Capex of an on-premise private cloud solution can easily run in the the hundreds of thousands. Then there’s the vendor tie-in for support and maintenance.

This is where we step in

We have developed a hyper-converged private cloud solution, ScaleCloud. We focused on keeping the Capex low in order to make ScaleCloud available to all business sizes. From start-up software houses to Enterprise businesses needing a quick fix for a project in trouble or long-term DevOps environment solution. We believe we have created a solution that will give DevOps a permanent home. Multi-tenancy with resource quota control allows multiple teams to work from the same appliance without resource contention.

Is your ScaleCloud appliance fully utilised?  No problem. Join additional ScaleCloud appliances to your existing private cloud, scaling out the cloud with additional compute and storage resources.

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ScaleCloud is easy to set up

Take a look at our ever growing portfolio of how-to videos to see for yourself how configurable, yet easy, to get up and running with ScaleCloud.

This is just the beginning

We have a research and development programme and a vigorous solution release time-line to bring our exciting suite of features to our new and existing customers as soon as possible.

If you would like to keep up to date with our product releases contact us, bookmark our website and follow us on twitter @innovateitltd

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Paul Rawlinson
Managing Director @ Innovate IT Ltd
Paul is founder and Managing Director of Innovate IT, his reputation for being knowledgeable and personable is reflected in our company ethos.  As a solution architect with experience in small to enterprise corporations he is always keen to understand the clients needs and business aspirations as a basis for designing any solution.