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We’ve got the cloud platform to grow your cloud software business

Want get to market faster & cheaper?

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Whether you’re developing brand new cloud software applications for the IoT, or migrating your current offerings to a cloud business model, ScaleCloud® gives you the control over how, when and what you do with your cloud. ScaleCloud is an enterprise quality, low cost cloud development platform packed into a standard 1U server form appliance.  We’ve lowered the capital expenditure of enterprise class cloud, so you can save money. With a low purchase price, you own the hardware and there are no subscription fees, or ongoing support costs. The combination of small server form and no subscription makes ScaleCloud the most competitively priced product on the market today.

An analysis* of the most popular cloud service providers shows that, server for server, ScaleCloud is the lowest cost cloud platform.


By moving to a siloed on-premise cloud software development platform, you can increase your ROI in cloud hosted services (AWS, Google Cloud), by directly correlating revenue to subscription costs, whilst keeping your development costs fixed for years. By year 2 you will be reinvesting your development cloud subscription costs on growing your own business, not someone else’s.

You’ll find it easy to set up and use, with no command line programming needed.  ScaleCloud is a complete cloud in a box with a browser based interface allowing you to remotely access all the cloud features on-the-go.


‘For complete peace of mind each appliance comes with hardware and software support packages built into the pricing.’

Initiating a server instance is rapid thanks to the hardware design, and with multi-tenancy, different development programs can have defined resource quotas with our Project Space feature. Project Spaces are allocated by a single point administrator, who can define resource by server number and type, or simply make a set amount of resource available for the developer to decide what configuration they want.


‘ScaleCloud could be the only cloud solution you’ll ever need for your cloud software business, it’s elastic scalable infrastructure’

As your business grows, so will your cloud platform as it is capable of both horizontal and vertical scaling. Adding more nodes to your ScaleCloud is simple. Using the step-by-step guide, the new nodes are instantly recognized and the additional compute, network and storage resource is made available as one, larger cloud.

scalecloud Prime

Scale Down the Cost. Scale Up the Possibilities.



To find out how Innovate IT Ltd can help your business or to test drive ScaleCloud for yourself, contact us.


*Data collected Oct ’15 based on the capacity of ScaleCloud vs. the nearest option available with AWS and Google Cloud:

  • Running servers 24 hours
  • 6TB available storage
  • 400 Linux intances, 0.5GB RAM per server instance (0.6GB AWS), 1 vCPU
  • 100 Windows 2012 instances, 4GB RAM per server instance (7.5GB GC), 2 vCPU
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Tabitha Rawlinson
Director of Operations @ Innovate IT Ltd
As Director of Operations, not only is Tabitha responsible for the daily business logistics, but also has the additional responsibility for delivering the product development pipeline in line with the company’s technology road map and ensuring it meets with the customers’ future needs. No mean feat, but with 10 years experience in product development in the energy sector for a global corporation, she brings a wealth of experience. Tabitha has an honours degree in Chemistry from The University of Kent and a PhD in Polymer Chemistry from Reading University.