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Ride The IoT Wave: How To Set-Up A Tech Start-Up To Develop Apps For The Cloud.

Your time has come, IoT is about to become a commercial reality and now you have everything you could need to start your tech company.

Small and medium size businesses are driving IoT cloud application development, keeping costs low and subscription sales volumes high, is the perfect business model. But how do you maintain your business operating costs through the development stage as a technology start up? With the added pressure of fast moving competition, how can you get your first app released and begin making money, before moving to the next big thing?

Your time has come, IoT is about to become a commercial reality and now you have everything you could need to start your tech company.

The first thing to do is create a business plan and begin developing your roadmap and your development pipeline for future ideas, then put those to one side for now and work on a more practical level. This was by no means a waste of time, in fact, sorting though your ideas now will mean you are prepared for any eventuality and it impresses customers and investors if you show that you have thought beyond the first release. So now you will need to work out how you pull this all together with little or no upfront costs for as long as possible. Well, you could ask the bank for a loan with a hefty interest rate, if you have collateral or assets, but since most tech start-ups are generation Z this can prove tricky.  You could seek an investor and risk a proportion of your future worth, or even your ideas.  Or you keep costs low and muddle through.

So, what options are there for muddling through? Having a home office with remote workers is a great low cost start-up model and one used in the indie gaming industry. Finding like-minded individuals, who share your dream, can work. In this world of social media connecting people across the globe, your next business partner, or greatest software developer, could be thousands of miles away. You could also find people prepared to do a discrete piece of code and pay per job. Of course, this throws up the issue of finding a cloud platform that can provide multi-tenancy and security, whilst giving you, the application owner, a complete picture of what your disparate workforce are working on.

What are your cloud options?

Private Cloud

  • Why not buy some old kit and build your own? The lowest cost option, so long as you have the expertise, as setting up and maintaining a private cloud can be difficult and time consuming. That is, if you have the space of course, a full rack of cloud server nodes may not fit in the basement and you’d have to make cooling and power considerations.

Public Cloud

  • You could rent a cloud server space in the public cloud hosted by the likes of Amazon and Google on a pay-as-you-go basis in monthly instalments. This can be accessed globally and will be the same platform that your will release your product to once it’s ready, but it can be costly. Theses type of public cloud services are infinite and it can be tempting to rely on more and more resource, so you will need to manage your staff usage closely, to ensure you don’t incur a huge monthly bill. Then there is the age old question of how secure your IP and trade secrets will be whilst your development is hosted in the public cloud, relying on a third party’s security protocols to prevent hacking.

Easy Cloud

  • There is now another option for those who want to work like a corporation, but with the flexibility and speed of being a driven start-up. You can now purchase your own low cost private cloud server, with the quality and features of an enterprise product. ScaleCloud is a small, low cost complete cloud that builds itself.  Better still, you can add nodes as you grow your business. Although with capacity for 384 VMs in a single server chassis, you could also use ScaleCloud for your production environment.

So now you have your plan, your staff and your development cloud, all that is left to do is develop the best, feature rich and relevant application, whilst riding the crest of the wave as well as being able to see the next one. Good luck.


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