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Why Hybrid Cloud?

I was asked recently whether Public cloud or Private cloud was best. I began to answer the question with my stock “it depends”, wanting to gather more context and provide a balanced, pointed answer.  It occurred to me in that instant, that the industry seems to be pitting one cloud model against the other as though they are siloed. When in fact, there is not only an essential middle ground, but a sliding scale between the two extremes, hybrid cloud.  I actually ended up answering “neither”.

Gambling With Your Cash

Take Betamax and VHS players in the ‘80s, or Blu ray vs. HD DVD in the ‘00s. You could only have one format per player, consumers had to hedge their bets.  They laid their hard earned cash on the line and played the odds. Who is going to win the biggest market share?  Who will never be heard of again?  In the end, there has to be a loser (Betamax and HD DVD), but ultimately, it was the consumer.  Less choice and a product with a limited life-span.  But cloud is not like this at all.  There is a very wide and comfortable middle ground that hasn’t yet seen the light; hybrid cloud.  It is just like having the hardware to read all disc formats.

Hybrid Cloud is the Least Risk Option

In my opinion, hybrid cloud is not a third option, it is the one, really great option.  Why should the customer bear the risk? Let’s say you run an e-commerce software development business.  80% of your hosting should be on the Public cloud.  You will have the flexibility, elasticity and resilience you need for your customers’ critical applications.  But does your development team need to be using the same expensive resource?  No. A small, hyperconverged private cloud, with capacity to host all of the development projects is all they need.

Or perhaps you are a financial institution, for whom the thought of putting your data on Public cloud infrastructure sends a chill down your spine, but you want to offer consumer facing apps.  You would keep 99% of your data on on-premise private cloud and 1% of data would be requested from the app hosted publically.

These are the two extremes, but every business thinking of cloud should only be considering hybrid.  That is why we built ScaleCloud, a hybrid cloud enabler. All the compute, network and storage you need at a price that makes hybrid cloud an endless possibility.  With ScaleCloud there is no vendor lock-in.  It’s Public cloud agnostic. Team it up with AWS, Google Cloud, RackSpace and you will future-proof your cloud, secure your data, create an agile platform for your developers and save money.

Finally, a small private cloud to compliment the pubic cloud offering and reduce costs.  The customer is now in control.

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Paul Rawlinson
Managing Director @ Innovate IT Ltd
Paul is founder and Managing Director of Innovate IT, his reputation for being knowledgeable and personable is reflected in our company ethos.  As a solution architect with experience in small to enterprise corporations he is always keen to understand the clients needs and business aspirations as a basis for designing any solution.