Our Leadership Team

Everyone at Innovate IT is passionate about technology, specifically simplifying solutions through innovation to provide IT that is available to everyone.  We only use high quality, market leading components and aim to match this with our customer service.

We have a relaxed, but professional approach to client engagements, and prefer more of a knowledge exchange than a sales pitch.  We love nothing more than chatting to techies and discussing the future implications of today’s discoveries, so feel free to get in touch, we also invite you to guest blog your thoughts.


Paul Rawlinson MCP CCA ITILv3

Managing Director

Paul is the founder of Innovate IT Ltd. An OpenStack evangelist, his reputation for being knowledgeable and personable is reflected in our company ethos. As a solution architect with 20 years experience in small to enterprise corporations, he is always keen to understand the clients needs and business aspirations as a basis for designing any solution. His foundation in systems engineering gives him a hands on approach to the companies’ research and development programme and is focussed on bringing high quality technology enablers to new, or embryonic markets to speed up their development, as well as driving efficiencies and increasing productivity for larger organisations.


Tabitha Rawlinson BSc.(Hons), PhD

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, not only is Tabitha responsible for the daily business logistics, but also has the additional responsibility for delivering the product development pipeline in line with the company’s technology road map and ensuring it meets with the customers’ future needs. No mean feat, but with 10 years experience in product development in the energy sector for a global corporation, she brings a wealth of experience. Tabitha has an honours degree in Chemistry from The University of Kent and a PhD in Polymer Chemistry from Reading University.