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New Cloud Revenue Streams

The Traditional Approach To Cloud Services

When we discuss cloud with potential customers the most common discussion point, in general, is how to save money rather than creating new cloud revenue streams. Saving money, reducing outgoings, cost control, increasing efficiency. They are all focussed on the same goal. What are we doing now, as a business, that we could possibly change with the help of “cloud” in order to be more efficient with our company coffers? There are more answers and solutions to these questions than there are questions. They are all perfectly valid questions and answers too. Businesses should be as efficient as possible with their hard earned cash. So. What about new cloud revenue streams?

The Opportunity

Now on to the subject of my blog. Just put the cost saving options to one side for now and start to consider the growth of your business. In other words, are you thinking about using “cloud” to grow your company in to areas that can actually create a brand new cloud revenue stream?  As an example. You are a software development house and you have a healthy portfolio of customers who are happy with your products and come back time and time again. Your delivery process works along the lines of, you receive requirements, create the software, customer approves, you refer your customers to a cloud hosting provider. Job done. Really? What if you had your own cloud platform to host the customer software on? That’s a brand new revenue stream for your company.


Owning Cloud Is A Hassle..?

I expect as software developers and DevOps teams do not want to concern themselves with the potential hassle of owning and managing infrastructure. But what makes you think it is hassle, or too technically challenging? Blogs written in the favour of convenient public cloud hosting companies for one. The rhetoric about how difficult private clouds can be far outweighs the positive language used to portray how easy public cloud services are to use. They are pretty easy to use actually. But do you know where the bear traps are? Subscription services. Like other utility companies, cloud services should be considered a utility, after all, we are in the digital age and it’s a generally available digital service. So once you subscribe to a utility company (home or business) you know how much hassle it is to switch to a different provider. It’s the same with cloud. And what further compounds the issue is the lack of discipline your employees may have for switching cloud servers off at night when they’re not in use. Your company ends up paying for the service 24/7.


Owning Cloud Is ABSOLUTELY No Hassle (and saves your company money)

A small plug now about my company. We have been developing an all-in-1U cloud product that is built on open source technology with the aim to keep costs low and to avoid costly annual licensing fees. ScaleCloud Prime is sold as an off-the-shelf cloud infrastructure and services product so there’s enough there to create a complete private cloud. You could join ScaleCloud up to your existing public cloud service(s) using a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) such as the popular SCALR platform and enjoy the benefits of hybrid cloud. Or, and this is really exciting, you could purchase one or more ScaleCloud Prime appliances (they join together to form a larger single logical cloud) along with a front-end management platform such as Atomia that automates user registration, billing and provisioning to start your own Managed Service Provider (MSP) public cloud services.

For more information about ScaleCloud Prime + Billing = MSP read this page on our website.

Got Cloud Already? So what. Replace It And Start Saving Money

If you already invested in cloud, perhaps 5 years ago when it was still a bleeding edge investment it will be getting tired by now. Perhaps you have a solid set of customers using it so you’re afraid to upgrade it. Perhaps it’s fully utilised but it’s way too expensive to scale. Now is probably a good time to start thinking about replacing it and moving to a more hyper converged solution. Like most technologies. In time they are miniaturised and the demand drives the cost down.

Discuss Cloud Opportunities

If you would like to discuss the topic of my blog, how ScaleCloud Prime appliances can generate new cloud revenue streams for your company or anything else cloud related, please feel free to contact me at my office.

We’re UK based: Office: +44(0)1233 800 102

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Paul Rawlinson
Managing Director @ Innovate IT Ltd
Paul is founder and Managing Director of Innovate IT, his reputation for being knowledgeable and personable is reflected in our company ethos.  As a solution architect with experience in small to enterprise corporations he is always keen to understand the clients needs and business aspirations as a basis for designing any solution.