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Cloud Platform + Billing + Customer Management

ScaleCloud for Public Cloud

ScaleCloud + Hosting and Billing = Easy MSP.

Use one or many ScaleCloud Prime cloud servers to deliver cloud services, such as virtual private servers (VPS). The multi-tenant design, low cost and high capacity makes for a compelling business case.

Add your own storage turning your data centre storage into cloud storage.

Team it with a hosting and billing front end compatible with OpenStack APIs,  and enjoy having a completely self-service, white label storefront, with automated billing that interacts seamlessly with ScaleCloud appliances.


Stack Launcher

ScaleCloud Stack Launcher comes pre-loaded on every ScaleCloud to configure your OpenStack cloud in just 20 minutes.  

Attach External Storage

ScaleCloud is capable of using your existing storage, if the 9TB it comes with isn’t enough. Turning your storage into cloud storage.

Virtual Data Centre

Your business clients might prefer to manage multiple tenants give them access to the ScaleCloud Dashboard.


Hassle-Free billing. Your automated system takes care of it. Invoicing, receipting and credit control to ensure you get paid for your services.

Integrated Storefront

Brand your own white-label cloud services store however you like, then let your customers set-up and manage their accounts.

Customer Management

Brand your service as your own with white label host and bill software. Let your customer set-up and manage their own account(s).

Automated Customer Management and Automated Billing

Sit back and let your customers set up and manage their accounts

Usage Based

Decide how you would like to charge your customers. The pay-as-they-use model is flexible. For example, the customer can vary the CPU, Storage or Network utilisation in an instant.

Subscription Based

The subscription based model allows you to create fixed priced products so you and your customers know exactly what the monthly costs are.

Customer Self-service

Completely self-service by your customer, ScaleCloud is a solid platform. So getting into the cloud services business just became a whole lot simpler.

Flexible Payment

Supports multiple currencies and payment gateways. ScaleCloud increases your speed of investment return, as its low cost makes you more competitive through higher margins*.

Stack LauncherTM

Stack Launcher is what sets ScaleCloud apart, it is only available on ScaleCloud.

Stack Launcher is ready to launch all of the OpenStack cloud services on to your ScaleCloud appliance in three simple steps

No technical skills required.

Stack launcher is your cloud architect, cloud engineer and cloud administrator.


Connect To Existing Infrastructure

Turn your storage into cloud storage


Using our Stack Launcher and configurator you can now connect to external storage directly from the ScaleCloud appliances.

  • Utilise your existing storage
  • Increase the storage capacity of your cloud
  • Provides the option to launch cloud instances on high speed local ScaleCloud disks and on external storage
  • Create block volumes on local and remote disk
  • Enables remote off-site backup options
  • Replicate volumes and take snapshots using your network storage features

ScaleCloud Brochure 

Download a copy of our digital brochure.


Need Help With Hosting? 

We are partnered with a global data centre provider, so we can even arrange hosting for you.