Code. Build. Test. Release. Deploy. Operate. Monitor. Repeat.


Public Cloud Hosting

One ScaleCloud, hosting hundreds of worlds.

ScaleCloud® Appliance Use Cases

ScaleCloud® is a versatile secure private cloud appliance

Realise new revenue streams, or simply reduce operating costs. With our solutioning heritage, we’ve ensured ScaleCloud is as flexible as possible and here we have put together just a few of the use cases we’ve encountered so far. 

Manage your own public cloud subscription service or host your customers’ cloud software whilst you are developing it and much more. Through the OpenStack APIs you can add software layers to enable a host of use cases.  We have more solutions coming out of our R&D lab, so check back or sign up to our newsletter for updates.

Private Cloud, On The Move.

Low power, high density compute and terabytes of storage, and can be powered from mobile electricity generators*.

DevOps Home

ScaleCloud provides a development and test environment to create application packages on.

Secure Private Cloud

There is no better way to keep your data safe whilst benefitting from all the cloud has to offer. 

Mobile Data

Capture data at temporary locations, such as motorsport events or remote command centres*.

Cloud Burst

If your current cloud infrastructure has busy periods and you require an inexpensive cloud appliance to burst onto.

Proof of Concept

A proof of concept environment with the option to decommission and re-use infrastructure.

*Ruggedised appliance chassis and disk encryption options are also available as a special order. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Give DevOps A Home

Development and Test Environment

Each ScaleCloud appliance provides a policy driven multi-tenancy cloud, making it ideal for multiple project spaces or for giving each developer their own cloud resources.

Most 3rd party DevOps tools, such as Jenkins, Chef and Puppetlabs can utilise ScaleCloud as a pre-configured environment, provision new server instances and deploy applications all through SSH and API commands.

Public Cloud Hosting

Give Games A Piece Of The Action.

Fast and secure private cloud.  With high density Intel processors, RAID 5 SAS storage, DDR4 RAM and redundant SSD cache providing fantastic IOPS, ScaleCloud makes a great platform for the gaming industry.

And with the increased RAM option it is a very competitive virtual private server solution.  Read our use cases for easy MSP page here and see how quickly and  easily you could be offering cloud services.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Use Cases for Virtualisation Services.

Installing a ScaleCloud appliance in a branch office awill provide a scaleable VDI solution. This solution drives costs down in as many areas as possible.

Furthermore, for added solution resilience, a centrally located ScaleCloud could be used as a primary appliance where custom server images are created. These images can then be launched at the remote sites where branch office ScaleClouds are installed. Snapshots can be taken centrally and stored on the in-built block storage volumes. Snapshots can also be saved as new images, so updating gold build images is very straight forward.