ScaleCloud - Stack Launcher™

How to Build OpenStack Clouds in Minutes, Not Months

What is Stack LauncherTM?


Stack Launcher™ is our bespoke OpenStack cloud installation and configuration software. It builds your cloud for you.  You don’t need to understand complicated code or how to wrangle OpenStack into submission.

In under 20 minutes you’ll be able to launch hundreds of cloud instances. We don’t need to offer expensive professional services to set-up your cloud and you don’t need a cloud engineer to keep it going.  We’ve done the hard work for you.

With Stack Launcher

 No OpenStack training required

 Installing OpenStack automatically

Manage OpenStack features

Scale your cloud through the web GUI

Attach external storage

OpenStack skilled professional

Months of instability

Manage OpenStack features through command line

Scale through command line

Ongoing management and support costs

Our bespoke Stack Launcher software removes the complexity usually associated with installing OpenStack and configuring the private cloud solution, reducing the time taken to set-up and configure the cloud hardware to less than 20 minutes. You can be up and running in just three clicks.

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Feature. Richer.

Stack launcher isn’t just the easier tool to use for installing OpenStack cloud, it goes further. After installation you can use Stack Launcher Tools to configure cloud features, such as; dedicated storage and tenant networks, manage SSL certificates, attached remote storage and more.
Furthermore, we are continuously updating Stack Launcher to include more features which we hope will make Stack Launcher your OpenStack deployment AND CONTINUOUS MANAGEMENT software of choice.
No consultancy or professional services are required. We’ve made it so easy, no cloud engineering knowledge is required at all.

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