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A Common Problem

As you may be aware Cloud Service Providers (CSP) generally utilise a pay-for-what-you-use charging model or alternatively tie you in to a minimum term subscription contract that limits the number of users, cloud instances, or both. There’s nothing wrong with either of these charging models as long as, as a business, you can maintain the ever increasing charges being applied as your business grows and retain control of the growth so there’s no nasty bill shock at the end of the month when the invoice from your CSP arrives. If your business is tied in to cloud subscriptions and your company is finding it difficult to move away from the platform you may very well find the costs of maintaining your cloud environment is getting out of hand. There may be no point in looking to move away because all CSPs use the same charging models.

So What Is The Alternative?

A Cloud Environment With Fixed Costs

ScaleCloud® – A Private Cloud Appliance

As a commercial off the shelf appliance there’s just the initial purchase price to pay plus an optional annual support contract. That’s it. ScaleCloud does not employ a subscription license service limiting multi-tenancy, user numbers or cloud instances so you are free to grow in to the infrastructure without the concern of extortionate monthly invoices.

Using the globally popular Horizon cloud interface, bundled with the full OpenStack® cloud services suite, you and your technical staff will more than likely be familiar with it so very little, if any, training will be required.

ScaleCloud Management Panel


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